Our company provides decoration, design and furniture consultancy services for companies, individuals and architects. We carefully analyse your needs and assure individual attention at all stages.

In order to find and answer and realize all possible requirements of our customers we also create a synergy with our potential solution partners.


Services for Architects

This is especially interesting for busy architects who have nearly come to the end of their project having arrived to the stage of interior decoration, at this stage we provide a special service of selecting the right furniture, comparing prices, ordering and following the whole process, and additionally providing a ‘finishing touch’ service like choosing carpets, pictures, accessories and art installations. With our help, architects gain time and can concentrate on upcoming projects and other important details.

Also, upon request, we provide personal assistance to architects clients in choosing furniture and/or decoration materials.

Potential building construction and big scaled project requests are followed by architectural offices who are our solution partners. We provide the project coordination service between our client and our solution partner.


Collaboration Services

Using the advantages of our English, German and French language knowledge we make research and connections for foreign architectural and construction companies that are interested in collaborating with Turkish companies. Having a longtime experience in the Turkish market and knowing all the cultural, traditional characteristic we provide the right connection in the right way of communication. Project coordination services is handled with care for all kind of connections.


Services for Foreigners

We provide services in relocating foreign businessmen in İstanbul, helping them finding their house or office areas as well as providing special interior decoration services for these areas.


Services for Individuals

We are in charge of the decoration from a single room to a whole project. It can just be a kitchen renovation, an office or your whole house. You may want to redecorate your living room and need some professional help. You may just want to change the look of your terrace with new furniture and need a fresh, experienced eye in decoration, or you may want to renew your office but haven't got the time to handle the details.

We can provide all your decorational needs as your personal architect assistant.

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