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Fikret'in Dünyası
Tahtakale'de Üç Dükkan
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Buca'da eski ve gizli bir dünya
Teşvikiye - Fulya hattında dekorasyon fikirleri
Plus Canvas
İspendek Balık Lokantası
Çukurcuma'da Bir Home Ofis
Herşey Aşktan
Karo İstanbul
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Common Purpose

Common Purpose is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together people from a wide range of backgrounds to help them become more effective leaders in society.

The courses bring together people from very different backgrounds and sectors who might otherwise never meet. They are introduced to unfamiliar situations and presented with challenging scenarios, so they can see firsthand how others make decisions. This provides invaluable insights into how people from varying backgrounds lead their organisations, why they take particular approaches and what works and what doesn't.

To get people and organisations working together effectively, our courses focus on how leaders need to see and act beyond their own immediate area of responsibility, so they don't take decisions in isolation.

Being part of Common Purpose as an attendant since 2010 you can find further information visiting the website seen below:



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